BUSINESS MARKETING: How To Quickly Explode Your Sales & Profits Using “The FORMULA”

Creating a business marketing system that works isn’t easy. If it was everyone would be doing it. Right? However, if you’re frustrated with marketing your business and the lack of growth and the profitability it brings, the chances are, you’re NOT using the 5 fundamental growth areas of your business.

It doesn’t matter what you sell, how new or established your company is or whether you operate an online or offline business… if you’re NOT using the 5 growth areas, then your sales and profits will never reach the heights you desire.

It’s taken me the best part of 20 years and working with thousands upon thousands of businesses to discover the key business marketing elements to growing any small and medium sized business.

The good news is that it’s not rocket science… BUT IT IS A SCIENCE.

So what I’m going to take you through is the business marketing system I’ve developed that includes the 5 growth elements.

I call this system “The FORMULA”.

Here it is…

The business marketing formula

If you are running a small or medium sized business then The FORMULA is GUARANTEED TO WORK FOR YOU!

Seriously, it’s impossible NOT to grow your business if you apply The FORMULA.

The FORMULA has stood the test of time. If you apply it… you’ll reap the rewards… it’s that simple!

And that’s its magic!… its simplicity.

It isn’t an “art form” or some kind of “smoke and mirrors” or based on “B.S.”.

it’s a time-tested business marketing system.

Fact is, it’s a totally scientific AND proven approach to building any and every small or medium sized business.

Of course, the content over the years has changed to suit business marketing trends and technology but the actual FORMULA has always remained the same because it works and will ALWAYS work.

So I’m going to take you through The FORMULA and then explain how you can use it in your business right now to achieve the growth, profits and results you always wanted… marketing your business just got a lot easier…

Business Marketing FORMULA: T – Transform Existing Strategies

To start with you need to TRANSFORM the results and the performance of EVERY sales and business marketing tactic and strategy you’re CURRENTLY using and those you add in the future.

To do this you must deploy something I call the ‘CORE ELEMENTS’.

The Core Elements are based on scientific results over the last two decades from thousands and thousands of business marketing tests and they are the foundations of all SUCCESSFUL sales and marketing.

The best way to think about the Core Elements is… they are the things that make business marketing work. 

There are 9 of them…

…5 ‘Marketing Elements’ and 4 ‘Sales Elements’.

Here’s a diagram showing how the sales and marketing Core Elements work together to produce highly successful sales and marketing strategies…

The business marketing core elementsArmed with the 9 Core Elements, you can now apply them to all of your existing business marketing strategies and to new ones as you create them (see later).  I guarantee this will result in a massive improvement to the success of each strategy, which in turn obviously generates extra sales and profits for you and your business.

And here’s the thing…

The 9 Core Elements DO NOT cost a single penny to incorporate into your strategies.

Think about that for a second…

No matter what business marketing tactics and strategies you’re using right now, you can dramatically improve their effectiveness WITHOUT spending a penny more.

Here’s a good example…

The image below shows a conventional agency designed magazine ad for a company that produces devices for the printing industry…

Business marketing done wrong

This is a typical ad.

This ad flopped. It flopped because there are just a couple of CORE ELEMENTS in it and those used are deployed poorly.

It’s the same with websites, letters, postcards, leaflets, inserts, emails – you name it. If it’s a business marketing strategy then the likelihood is it will be highly deficient when it comes to using the Core Elements.

Remember, changing this ad to include all the CORE ELEMENTS does NOT increase costs. The new ad featuring ALL the Core Elements is shown here…

Business marketing done right

This second ad helped to create a multi-million pound business – that’s the difference it can make when you apply the Core Elements to all your business marketing.

If all you did right now was improve your existing strategies by applying the Core Elements to them and ensure new ones you launched also included them, then this alone would have an instant and significant impact on your business.

…and we’re only on the first part of The FORMULA.


Even if your marketing piece is working, it’s important you still apply the Core Elements to it, because it’s highly likely there’s much room for improvement!

For the step-by-step system for applying the Core Elements to your own sales and marketing, register for our FORMULA webinar

Business marketing seminar

Business Marketing FORMULA: L – Lead Generation Strategies

The lifeblood of every business is its ability to generate a constant supply of leads or enquiries. This activity however, is often the most expensive way to grow a business. So you need to add as many cost-effective and proven lead generation strategies as you can.

The more the better.

The more successful strategies you use, the quicker your business will grow.

This could be as simple as sending out a series of great emails, executing a Google AdWords campaign and sending a direct mail campaign.

Of course, there are best practice ways to implement all these strategies…

I call them ‘Success Formulas’

I learned a while ago that every sales and business marketing strategy has its own perfect scientific formula.

For example, here’s the Success Formula for creating lead generation emails…

TM + W + S + OS + IO + CTA = Successful Email

The TM stands for the target market – the people or businesses you’re trying to attract. The W stands for Who as in who the email is from. This is often a rarely considered part of sending emails, but who the email is from plays a big role in determining how many people open the email.

Next is the S which stands for the subject. Along with the who this will determine how many people open your email. Get this right and you’re 80% of the way to having a successful email. We send over 6 million emails every year and we’ve been testing subject lines forever.

Next is the OS or the opening sentence. Again, it’s a critical part of your email and will determine how many people go on to read the rest of your email. IO stands for irresistible offer (one of the Core Elements). This is what you’re offering the recipient in response for their click or phone call.

CTA is your call to action (another Core Element). What does the reader have to do to take advantage of your offer. This is also often neglected but it’s of paramount importance.

It’s not difficult to create lead generation strategies like this when you follow the success formulas.

Your goal is to launch as many cost-effective ones as you can. Ones that give you a return on investment.

Business Marketing FORMULA: C – Conversion Strategies

Just being able to generate a constant flow of leads isn’t enough. You also need to convert as many of those leads into paying clients, customers or patients.

You do that using a number of Conversion strategies.

These are strategies which help move the lead through to becoming a customer, ideally at the right price or fee.

Here’s a list of the conversion strategies that will work for any business…

  • Asking For The Order
  • Sales Letter
  • Brochures/Catalogues Must Always Be Sent With A Sales Letter
  • The Quoting/Proposal System
  • Increasing Or Reducing Prices
  • Sales Conversion Letter
  • Guarantees (see below)
  • Sales Barrier Demolition Strategy
  • Social Proof
  • W.A.Y.M.I.S.H. (Why Are You Making It So Hard)
  • Price/Value

For example, let’s take a quick look at the success formula for guarantees (this is also a Core Element).

Guarantees work at the point of purchase of every sale and are extremely powerful…

TM + GP + P = Powerful Guarantee

Whilst this success formula, like all the others looks very simple I can tell you that not one in 100,000 businesses use this in their business.

Again, the TM stands for the target market – notice your target market is at the forefront of virtually every formula… it’s that important.

GP stands for guarantee the promise and P stands for Punish the business if they don’t deliver the promised results.

Just like the Improvement strategies, Conversion strategies cost virtually nothing to apply and their effect is almost always instant.

For little or no extra cost, you can get more clients, customers or patients from the leads you generate, maximising your return on investment on all your lead generation strategies.

Business Marketing FORMULA: M – Maximise Customer Value

Once you’ve acquired the client, customer or patient, you then need to Maximise their value. There are 4 key areas that will help you to do that…

  1. Increase Frequency Of Purchase (getting clients, customers or patients to buy more often)
  2. Increase Referrals (getting clients, customers or patients to recommend you more often)
  3. Increase Average Order Value (increasing the value of every sale)
  4. Reduce Attrition (keeping hold of clients, customers or patients for longer)

You MUST use strategies across all 4 of these areas… and I’ll come on to this shortly. Without doubt this is the most neglected part of any small and medium sized business.

Yet your customer list is one of the most valuable assets your business will ever have. In other words, there’s G-O-L-D in your customer list… you just need to learn how to extract it!

I know for certain that if you’re NOT capitalising on your most valuable asset (your clients, customers or patients) then you’re in for a REAL treat!

For example…

Over the last 8 years one of my companies worked with over 1,500 accounting firms all over the English-speaking world. Small firms with 1-3 partners.

Our main membership programme cost £500 a month with our best members paying a one-off ‘Lifetime Membership’ fee of £14,997. Other members paid £9,995 to become ‘Accounting Mentors’ whilst hundreds of other members paid thousands more on other products and services we created for them.

Therefore, the value of each member is not just the ‘basic’ £500 a month, it’s all the other products and services they buy along the way, together with all the other people they refer to us.

Believe me, it’s easy to get existing customers to buy these other products and services…

…the hard part is coming up with the extra products and services in the first place! Remember, the real cost is the initial expense to acquire them. After that, the costs are virtually nil to extract further sales and revenue from your existing customers, clients or patients… something to think about!

Your customers are your biggest leverage point and there are at least 10 proven low or zero cost strategies that you can use right now that will have an incredible effect on your success. For example…

  • Monthly Customer Prize Draw
  • Moments Of Truth
  • Customer Offer Of The Month
  • Up-Sell
  • Cross-Sell
  • Reactivate Past Customers
  • Referral System
  • Customer Welcome Letter
  • Dealing With Complaints
  • Monthly Customer Newsletter

Here’s the Success Formula for creating a Referral System…

I + D + C = Constant Stream Of Referrals

The I stands for Incentive… the D stands for Differentiator (one of the Core Elements)… and the C stands for Communication. By combining these 3 elements you’re certain to create a referral system that generates a constant supply of referrals.

Ignore this part of The FORMULA at your cost (you’ll be leaving so much money on the table).

Business Marketing FORMULA: S – Systemise & Automate

So far we’ve covered the first 4 elements of The FORMULA. They are the backbone of your entire business marketing system.

They will give provide your business with…




…and ensure it’s immune to outside forces, such as the competition and a changing economy.

However, to take it to an even higher level… one that accelerates your growth even faster, you need to Systemise and Automate these 4 elements.

One of the real drawbacks of running a small and medium sized business (and you know this all too well) is that there just aren’t enough people in the business to do everything that’s required, so you end up working long hours, which impacts on every other area of your life.

By automating the growth of your business and its marketing, you reduce the reliance on people, free up a huge chunk of time for yourself and ensure your business keeps moving forward at pace.

Furthermore, automation and systemisation reduce mistakes and enhance results.

So it’s a win-win-win.

Okay… so how do you systemise and automate without needing to be a professor of sorts or needing expensive software? Well there are many ways.

For example, let’s take the Lead Generation and Conversion parts of The FORMULA.

First, you could create what we call a ‘lead magnet’. It’s something of value you offer to your potential customers for free.

Second, you set up a landing page (a simple web page) promoting the lead magnet and in return for receiving it, the visitor enters their details (in our case you entered your first name and email address, but depending on your business, you may need to ask for more information).

For example, we have 2 primary lead magnets – my best-selling ‘FORMULA book’ (which is FREE at the moment) and our ‘Live Webinar’ (also FREE). The links take you to the examples of landing pages we use.

Then you have an automated email and/or letter sequence written to convert the lead into a client, customer or patient. Depending on your sales process that may also include steps to arrange a meeting (or two), a site visit, a phone call or whatever.

So you craft the process to suit your best possible approach to acquire clients, customers or patients FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

You would use an inexpensive piece of software called an autoresponder to automate your emails (such as AWeber, MailChimp, or Get Response).

And then you use the lead generation strategies you identified in step two of the formula to drive people to your landing page.

You’ve now created an automated lead generation and sales conversion system – all on autopilot, working 24/7.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run. Whether it’s online or offline or bricks and mortar – this is a proven business marketing model that works time and time again. Once you systemise and automate, it frees you up to start doing the things you want to do in your business and in your life!

…and best of all…

It enables you to ACCELERATE the growth of your business!


The multiplication symbols (‘x’) of the formula is the MAGIC behind The Formula!

This is very, very important. To leverage the formula, you must apply numerous strategies in each of the 4 key areas. That way you multiply your results…

…and that’s where the ‘x’ comes in…

The multiplication symbol means as long as you apply multiple strategies across the four key parts of the formula (inside the brackets), you get exponential growth, rather than linear growth. In other words, your growth curve will look something like this…

exponential business marketing growth

That’s what it really takes to create a powerful business marketing system, catapult your business to the next level and accelerate its growth…

It’s NOT rocket science, but it IS a science.

You just have to apply The FORMULA.

…and if you’d like more details on HOW to apply The FORMULA to your business, you can get my book right now for FREE (just pay a tiny shipping and handling fee), or better still register for FREE to my weekly Live Webinar.

Steve Hackney is a best-selling author, and renown business growth mentor, coach and consultant. Over 26,000 small and medium sized businesses are working with The Core Asset to quickly multiply their sales and profits, transforming their businesses and their lives.

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Steve Hackney

Steve Hackney is a best-selling author, and renown business growth mentor, coach and consultant. Over 26,000 small and medium sized businesses are working with The Core Asset to quickly multiply their sales and profits, transforming their businesses and their lives.