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International Opportunities...
The Core Asset has attracted interest from all over the world. It began life as Steve's POWER Marketing System which has customers in over 46 countries.

Some of those customers have become advocates of Steve's work and have followed his developments with Peter as they created their franchise consultancy and latterly the network for accountants. 

Once The FORMULA was discovered, the interest escalated with enquiries from most English speaking countries, leading to the appointment in India of Jayant Hudar, The Core Asset's first Master Licensee.

Jay held his first training course for new Core Asset Business Growth Experts/Coaches in Feb 2018 and has his sights set on adding many more as the market for helping businesses in India is huge and The FORMULA is exactly what they need (just like every other country on the planet)!
Steve with Jay and the first 4 coaches in India
The Core Asset is a perfect opportunity for people like Jay, those who want to build a network of experienced, high calibre business coaches and consultants to help grow businesses in their country knowing that there is an already successful FORMULA to depend on, regardless of where in the world they are.

If you would like to discuss the opportunity of becoming a Master Licensee in your country, please email Peter on [email protected], or call him on +44 116 3666 325. 

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