Ultimate Marketing Plan

The Ultimate Marketing Plan – How To Exponentially Grow Your Sales & Profits

Forget about a ‘normal’ marketing plan.

They’re not effective.

They’re brilliant for collecting dust, and that’s about it.

What you need is a proven marketing plan that doesn’t just help you grow your business… but one that grows it EXPONENTIALLY… and does it quickly.

If you haven’t done so already it would help you to read this article on ‘The FORMULA’ (my proven business growth system).

Here’s the high level view of it…

Marketing Plan - The Formula

The FORMULA is the structure of your marketing plan.

But what I'm going to explain today is how The FORMULA will become your ultimate marketing plan and how it grows your business exponentially...

Ultimate Marketing Plan: The Magic Behind the FORMULA

Okay… let’s quickly put The FORMULA to work for YOU.

The real magic of the FORMULA is the MULTIPLICATION effect of it, which I’m going to demonstrate shortly.

This is what gives you exponential growth rather than linear growth.

As long as you are applying multiple tactics and strategies in each of the primary growth areas of your business ('L' - Lead Generation, 'C' - Conversion and 'M' - Maximising Customer Value) then the combination of the results you'll get with astonish you.

What I'm exposing you to isn't theory or B.S.

Tens of thousands of business owners are using it right now to transform their sales and profits.

Better still...

The FORMULA doesn't care...

...if you're a start-up or an established business...

...if you sell products, services or professional services...

...or whether you run a retail store or a restaurant...

...or if you're online or offline (you should be both, no matter what you sell)...

...or how large or small your business is.


So let's but The FORMULA to work for you and see how you can use it as your marketing plan to exponentially grow your own business...

Ultimate Marketing Plan: The Model

When you start using The FORMULA as your marketing plan, you will experience life-changing results.

But let's reign it in because you're probably thinking this sounds too good to be true - right?

And whilst it's not unusual to see improvements of 100's of percent, let's rein it in.

Let’s say instead of getting hundreds of percent of improvements and increases, you get a tweak. Just a small increase. And let’s say this increase is just 20%. That’s just 20% across the Formula. I promise you, this isn’t difficult.

Well let’s be more conservative, let’s say you tweak things not by 20% but by just 15%...

Ultimate Marketing Plan: Step 1

First you’re going to transform your existing sales and marketing strategies (the 'T' of the FORMULA) using the Core Elements (read this article for details on the 9 Core Elements) across Lead Generation (L), Conversion (C) and Maximising Customer Value (M). But as I’ve said, we’re just going to look at a 15% tweak.

The figures I’m using below are to show you how The FORMULA performs its magic.

What you should do is put your own numbers in the boxes. The formula churns out the correct result, so it doesn’t matter what the numbers are, the resulting improvements are always consistent.

So let’s say at the moment you generate 100 leads per month. You convert 25% of them into clients, customers or patients and each customer is worth £500. That means you’re generating £12,500 per month on new business...

Ultimate Marketing Plan - Numbers 1

Now by applying the T of the formula – Transforming your existing sales and marketing, you’re going to use the Core Elements to make the improvements.

So instead of 100 leads, you generate 115.

Instead of 25% conversion you get 28.75%.

And instead of a customer being worth £500 they are now worth £575.

That instantly…

...and remember for ZERO extra cost, the turnover jumps from £12,500 to £19,010 an increase of 52%...

Ultimate Marketing Plan - Numbers 2

So, that’s a great start.

Remember, use your numbers and you’ll see the exact, same result – an increase of 52%.

Don’t forget, The FORMULA is a constant. It works no matter what your numbers are or what your business does.

Ultimate Marketing Plan: Step 2

Okay now what you do is start adding proven strategies and tactics to the 3 components of The FORMULA.

Remember, you’ll still be using the Core Elements to make sure the strategies perform well.

We’ve proven there are currently 14 rock solid Lead Generation strategies, 13 Conversion Strategies and 11 Maximising Customer Value strategies you can apply,

But let’s pause for a few seconds…

I wonder how many tactics and strategies you’re using right now across The FORMULA? This is your opportunity and there are 38 of them!

Okay, let’s say instead of a tweak of 15% by adding one or more strategies to each of the 3 formula components, we only tweak these numbers by a nominal 10%. Yes a measly 10%. Let’s look at what happens…

Ultimate Marketing Plan - Numbers 3

Leads jump to 126.50.

Conversion jumps to 31.6%.

Maximising Customer Value jumps to £632.50.

That gives you a total of £25,283 turnover per month an increase of 100%, from the original £12,500.

You’ve basically doubled your turnover just by tweaking 3 components of The FORMULA.

And I’ll repeat… when you use your own numbers you get the same increase. An increase of 100%.

Imagine that.

All you’ve done is tweak everything by 10 or 15%.

Are you starting to see what’s possible? That’s why when you use The FORMULA as your marketing plan, your results and your business grows exponentially.

That’s simply the power of The FORMULA… and we’ve not even factored in the significant effect of systemising and automating these components of The FORMULA (the 'S' of The FORMULA.

Nor does it take into effect your existing customer base, which you’ll also be tapping into.

If you want to see how you can get The FORMULA to work for you and your business, register for my live FORMULA webinar.

Alternatively, my book titled 'The FORMULA' will also guide you through the whole process. At the moment you can get The FORMULA book for FREE. Get it here.

Steve Hackney is a best-selling author, and renown business growth mentor, coach and consultant. Over 26,000 small and medium sized businesses are working with The Core Asset to quickly multiply their sales and profits, transforming their businesses and their lives.

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Steve Hackney

Steve Hackney is a best-selling author, and renown business growth mentor, coach and consultant. Over 26,000 small and medium sized businesses are working with The Core Asset to quickly multiply their sales and profits, transforming their businesses and their lives.